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Professional production cut blasting mining geotechnical engineering drilling hole, the core of machine tools. Founded in hubei province. Beijing-kowlon railway, shanghai-chengdu expressway, the gold waterway junction, from here in wuhan city, hefei, but 100 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.

The company formerly known as coal machinery repair factory, the tool factory, with over 30 years of history. Existing staff more than 300 people, more than 20,000 square meters production area. Company existing machine machining, heat treatment, forging process, welding, detection, transportation equipment etc. More than 200 sets, formed a powerful market information, technology r&d, manufacturing, test analysis, logistics, etc, to provide five system to meet the market demand of the products and services. ISO quality system throughout, products and services covering both at home and abroad.

The products of our company is the registered trademark of drilling machine, jinlong brand has won national, provincial and ministerial science and technology achievements and high-quality products. Main product categories as follows:

S: the rock drilling tools with light, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic movable type drill machine, cone connection one glyph, cross, three blade, tooth shape, composite slice tooth-type bits, a glyph, cross, tooth-type whole enterprise Shanghai machinery i&e corp. And cone connected drill rod.

S heavy rock drilling tools, pneumatic, hydraulic with large rock drill car of thread connecting cross, X, tooth shape, composite slice tooth-type bits, threaded coupling drill rod bits, and connection, impact hammer head (drill rod).

S: various DTH machine high, medium and low pressure DTH bits, DTH pipe, DTH impact, DTH rig.

S coal mining products: drill hole drilling, pipe, two-wing alloy, diamond bits, core drill, coal gas drilling machine,.

S non-standard products: according to the needs of user, design and manufacture of the products.

Internal organization setup for: under the leadership of the board of manager office conference solely responsible for the production and operation of enterprises. Production, marketing, and configuration institute, the finance company, and four products manufacturing. The "dedicated staff struggle" as the spirit of enterprise, take "customer first" as the enterprise tenet. The trustworthiness entertain guest, honest, sincere, make thirty-five years still creation so full of vitality.

Yangtze river tools Co., LTD warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit us and negotiate business and technical cooperation, capital investment. You use the "dragon" brand products, drilling machine, you can feel really useful tool company worker the contact, it must be your sincere friend. Good customers, with the experts GangQian brazing, 2007, peer happy, health, wealth, and wide career!