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In January, 2008 (got) ding hai sweet-smelling documentary
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  Snow, flying in the sky, the silver, the rivers Yangtze river north, who jianghuai victory after 50 years without beginning in the extreme cold mixture and less rain in January, 2008 in wet to acquire, have continuous rain below 18 days. At the beginning of winter, the open ocean, the company got into the habit of the season, the war of production, management, orderly and everything goes as planned. Behold unforeseen circumstances, from the 13th month began to deliver the signs of snow. Snow in winter, this is custom, Yangtze river man work side of snow, continue to track. Behold, o god, the fighting, rain or snow played together, seem to fascinate or intentionally test of character, ability Yangtze river. All employees still insist on step-by-step, the metal cutting hiss, kaka, huahua, division, day after day, there. 26, using a half-day, invite retired cadres and on-the-job worker and staff together for the hotel in the drived timely held in annual summary commend and New Year party. Company model workers and advanced unit in the conference representatives in pledge. 2008 will only high quality will only stand. The chairman declared the policy goal, new high fire. A song of "unity is strength" company directors, supervisors of the chorus of JinJunHao blew in 2008. A production line workers, never laughing group inside the special workskill both strength and soft solos, show the new generation of young people didnt Yangtze river. Marketing at home YinHang sang "hong comrade stage into a new era, the Yangtze river," the man. Outside the window, rain, wind, snow and ice there inside hall, crisscross preparing cup you respect me please, a harmonious. The cold family time a melting. Then again, shift work days, work days, the night shift. Production of cadres and workers fighting in the forefront, logistics cadre is the road snow shovel poa lun shovel, Labour union to send over clean, to purchase the mountains around the charcoal is a workshop. Finally we overfulfilled task! The last day is January, snow area MiMiDe and thick layer, and then work on February 28 December, wrestling, see you to stop or snow. This is the spirit of man, the Yangtze river!

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