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  With confidence to actively respond to the policy, face the world financial crisis influence on the enterprise. Despite the year 2008, from the fourth quarter's main business, especially severe downturn, we export to adjust the strategy, sales income, main product yield, return on capital is still a record. Main product is only a ball chisel bit than 110,000) close to double. High wind DTH bits, and pipe production batch production drilling are listed, hard rock tunneler cutter tooth already in a large area localization of successful substitution Germany cutter tooth. Worker income and shareholders are very satisfied, our solidarity advance-harmony, victory the 2009. The New Year, people will continue to carry on the Yangtze river tool enterprise spirit of devotion, hard as usual and customers, and contractors to get together to overcome difficulties and support each other and common development. Bright beautiful spring certain, ox must be shipped to prosper cattle!

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